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Karen Tokorangi - Destiny Rescue

In 2018 Karen Tokorangi, sold her family home, gave away and sold her possessions and bought a plane ticket to Asia.  That leap of faith lead Karen to become the International HR Manager for Child Rescue and Destiny Rescue in Thailand.  Karen was recently in New Zealand and Lizzie caught up with her studio to hear about the big adventure God has taken her on.  To find out more go to



Steve Shirley

Dame Stephanie Shirley aka Steve Shirley started an IT company in the 1960's with 100% female staff and they all worked from home.

In her company she created 70 millionaires among her staff and become the 11th wealthiest woman in Britain, she's an incredible women and this TED talk is worth watching.



Everlasting - Recycling For the Love of Clothing

Anna Paterson of Everlasting Recycle Boutique is on a mission for all women to feel good in their clothes and to not have to break the bank in the process.  Lizzie invited Anna into the studio to find out more. 









Open Home Foundation International

Ewen & Gillian Laurenson have invested their lives in helping at risk and vulnerable children.  In the New Year they celebrate 50 years of marriage and LIzzie spoke with Ewen about their ministry, marriage and faith.


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