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Kaylene Subritzky - Fasting

Is Fasting still a thing or has it gone out of fashion?  Do I have to give up food or are there other things I can fast from? Kaylene Subritzky from Dove Ministries joins Lizzie back in studio to discuss life and faith with today's focus on Fasting. 



Finding a Job After 50

What is the best way to approach the job hunt and are employers even willing to employ more mature staff?  Jane Kennelly, Director of Frog Recruitment shares some encouraging insights and provides tips on the best way to secure a new role.   




What is Leprosy?

Leprosy NZ recently teamed up with Rhema Media for "Cure One Day." The goal was to cure 100 people of Leprosy.  They knocked that target out of the park and infact cured 322 people! Gillian Whitley Executive Director of Leprosy New Zealand joined Lizzie in studio to talk about some of the common myths around Leprosy and how it can be easily cured.






BBC Performance Poet - Steven McLeish

Steven McLeish is a youth pastor and performance poet from Glasgow, Scotland.  He popped into the Star studio to share some of his journey with Lizzie and to recite one of his poems.  For more of his performance poetry with the BBC click here




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