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Alpha - exploring Life & Faith

Alpha is well known for it's relaxed, non threatening way for people to come and explore faith.  It has reached people from all walks of life, from around the globe.  These days Alpha has even more to offer.  Lizzie sat down with Zelda Roberston, National Director of Alpha New Zealand to find out more. 



Out of the Mouth of the Lion

In 1988 Debi Spies survived a lion attack.  Since then she's also survived a brain tumour. Debi shares some of her amazing testimony with Lizzie.



Arm Chair Travel with Kaylene Subritzky - Israel

Kaylene Subritkzy from Dove Ministries recently travelled to Israel.  She shared some of the sights, sounds and flavours of her trip with Lizzie on Arm Chair Travel.




Saying Goodbye to Our Beloved Animals - Pet Cremation

Our pets are part of our families but what about those really difficult times when we have to say goodbye?  Pet Cremations and Pet Funerals are a way that can help us in the process.  Lizzie spoke with Mark Jaggar from Pets At Rest about the services they provide.



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