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Kaylene Subritzky - Prayer

Kaylene Subritky from Dove Ministries joins Lizzie in studio to chat about life and faith with today's focus on prayer.  




Orange Sky NZ

Orange Sky is a non-profit organisation providing a free mobile laundry and shower service for people experiencing homelessness. The first New Zealand van was launched in Auckland in October 2018 and has already had a massive impact in the community. Lizzie caught up with Eddie Uini to find out more. 




#NZ Is Watching

A call for New Zealanders to support and protect the victims of the Syrian conflict.  A number of aid agencies and well known NZer's have gotten behind the campaign.  Andrew Robinson from TearFund NZ joined Lizzie in the studio to talk about the campaign and a petition.  For details about the campaign and the petition click here 





When The Crowd Stops Roaring - Neven MacEwan

Former All Black Neven MacEwan has written a candid memoir about his life.  It's a raw and honest story about his rugby, struggles with alcohol and depression and his subsequent work as a prison chaplain.  Lizzie chatted with him by phone to hear some of his story.

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