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Arm Chair Travel with Bjorn Brickell - Japan

Bjorn Brickell from the Morning Wake Up on Rhema & Life FM sat down with Lizzie and told of his recent trip to Japan to watch the Rugby World Cup.  He talks about the food, the transport and how locals thought he was an All Black.



Crustless Bacon & Egg Pie

if you're after something low carb and quick & tasty then this is the recipe for you.  To be honest I never totally follow a recipe. You might decide you want more than one spring onion.  It's all about preferences and it's up to your taste buds, so feel free to do what I do, experiment! 


3 slices Bacon
1- 2 Tomatoes
1 Spring Onion
6 Eggs
125ml of Milk
100 g grated cheese
Left Over Spinach/Silverbeet or Asparagus - whatever your preference 


Whisk the eggs and milk with a fork. Add all the other ingredients, reserving the tomatoes and extra cheese for the top. Add any vegetables and stir gently. Pour into a 20cm/8inch square baking dish that has been greased and lined with baking paper. You may need to move the vegetables in the dish with the fork so they are evenly distributed. Place the sliced tomatoes and cheese on top. Bake at 180C/350F for 20-30 minutes


Voice of the Martyrs

What must it be liked to be imprisioned for your faith?  Raphael & Petr were recently in New Zealand to celebrate 50 years of Voice of the Martyrs.  They both joined Lizzie in studio to share some of their journeys of persecution.

Petr's Story


Raphael's Story







Is It Ok To Eat Red Meat?

Meat's been getting a bad rap of it lately with many people stepping away from eating it, whilst hospitals are talking of taking it off the menu. Julianne Taylor, Registered Nutritionist provides comment on the topic and shares on the important role that protein plays in our diet.



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