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Real on the Radio with Lizzie & Kaylene - Christmas Stress

Kaylene Subritzky from Dove Ministries joins Lizzie back in the studio to talk about the best ways of dealing with Christmas Stress.  



Nesa - No One Ever Stands Alone

NESA which stands for No One Ever Stands alone is a national charity across New Zealand dedicated to promoting the awareness and education of the effects of drink and drugged driving.  Lizzie invited CEO Leah Abrams into the studio to find out more. 




Journey to Forgiveness - Erebus Engraved On Our Hearts

On 28th November Air New Zealand flight TE901 crashed into the side of Mt Erebus in Antarctica instantly killing all 257 passengers and crew on board.  At 18, Mark Head (Lizzie Oakes’ older brother) was on a cargo ship at sea, when he heard the news that Nan, Muriel Harrison had died on the flight.  Mark shares a very real, raw and honest account of his journey to forgiveness.  This interview is an excerpt from the podcast Erebus Engraved On Our Hearts available on Itunes, Spotify and  http://erebusengravedonourhearts.com/



Karen Tokorangi - Destiny Rescue

In 2018 Karen Tokorangi, sold her family home, gave away and sold her possessions and bought a plane ticket to Asia.  That leap of faith lead Karen to become the International HR Manager for Child Rescue and Destiny Rescue in Thailand.  Karen was recently in New Zealand and Lizzie caught up with her studio to hear about the big adventure God has taken her on.  To find out more go to https://www.childrescue.org.nz/


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