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Who Killed Lucy The Poodle?

In 1986, Filmmaker Kent Briggs, was just 8 years old when he went along to the Whirling Bros Circus in Rotorua.  Right before his eyes 3 lions escaped.  Kent is now making a documentary "Who Killed Lucy the Poodle" and is on the hunt to find a hero of the day, Circus Hand, Stewie Campbell. Kent joined Lizzie in studio to discuss.  Can you help solve the mystery?   


How to Declutter Your Schedule

People often wear "busy" like a badge of honour, but busy isn't necessarily good. Rachel King from Life Edit joins Lizzie in studio to discuss ideas for decluttering your schedule.



Chocolate that's Good for You - Bennetto Chocolate

Lucy Bennetto the Founder of Bennetto Chocolate - organic, fairtrade, vegan, gluten free and delicious, chats with Lizzie about all things chocolate including the health benefits of eating Bennetto Chocolate.


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