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Rosemary 3:00-7:00pm



Join Cathy and Peter from 6am every weekday.


Cathy checks in with what she's getting up to on her trip to India with Leprosy Mission NZ.

Friday 10 October

Thursday 9 October

Cathy's at the Leprosy Mission's hospital and has a taste of what they do at the coal-face. She also meets Nutan, who has had successful surgery and is on the road to recovery.

Wednesday 8 October

Cathy visited two 16 year olds that have been cared for and healed of leprosy.

Tuesday 7 October

Now in the North East of India, Cathy has a taste of being the tourist attraction with her European skin. She also talks of visiting the Taj Mahal and the Leprosy Mission HQ.

Monday 6 October

Cathy has just arrived and shares her first impressions.

Time to hit the road, check out where she's off to next.


Poverty Cycle

Rhema Media are so pleased to be involved with TEAR Fund's Poverty Cycle and have our own team who are ready and rearing to go.

We love that so many people behind our brands want to ride to fight human trafficking.

New Image

From left to right:
Cathy Jenke (Southern Star), Nerida Ashcroft (Rhema), Geoff Gummer (Rhema Media), Diane Davenport (Shine TV), George Penk (Rhema), Bjorn Brickell (Life FM)

The Poverty Cycle is all about fighting human trafficking and we'd love for you to sponsor us.

You can do that here.

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