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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Catherine T says,

Please pray for our whanau as we work with Oranga Tamariki to remove 2 if our pepi from a violent and abusive caregivers. That God will intervene and provide the best home for them.

Nell says,

Please pray for my son’s salvation, for unity in the family and for ministry that I work in. Arohanui

Hannah says,

for my darling little sister who has seizures

Angel says,

for my mum

Katie says,

please pray for my school and class to all come to know our Lord

Sandra says,

Westport Vision Church needs a Pastor/Shepherd - please pray the the Lord raises up the right person.

Kim-michelle says,

I need to find very quickly a new earlychildhood teaching position, one that has staff that treat each other with respect and is there for each other and the children thankyou.

gloria says,

please pray for my neighbour to have an unmistakable encounter with Jesus

iesha says,

Bring Tom Hern back to shorty st hes a christian in real life in the almighty name of jesus Ameen

Prue says,

Please pray for our darling daughter who is pregnant again after two miscarriages last year. Love and blessings to you all at Star.

Vivian says,

Pray for the salvation of my unsaved love ones. Pray for “Luca’s job interview this 10 April.

Grant says,

That I would be strong in the Lord! Thanks

Babu griffin says,

Please pray for my leg pain I got gout very pain full only my son don’t want me live with him after me coming Gu Dunedin know I am @ Hamilton working in vtnz my heart is broken i cry I don’t want do

Peter says,

Peter Says, Please pray for full time employment Mon to Fri have been out of work just under 1 yr and suffering financial difficulties and emotional feelings so that I can continue serve God thank you

Sarah says,

I would like prayer for physical illness.I have auto immune disease that causes pain at times.i tend to get discouraged with pain and this can lead to I have mental health issues

Rosemary Barnes says,

Thanks for prayer I asked for yesterday. My eyes are a bit better today Praise God. Thanks. and God bless.

Rosemary Barnes says,

Please pray for my eyes, that the tear drainage problem can be healed and vision retained in spite of inflammation of arteries in head so that I can continue to serve God.

Anne says,

Please pray with me for all the people who are affected by today"s shooting in Christchurch as we are all Gods people.

Vivian says,

Please pray for my love ones as some are going through financial challenges and job search. Pray also for the salvation of their love ones.

Sandie says,

Please pray that my Husband and Son will go to church for Jesus!

Sandie says,

Please - a prayer for a Pastor, a family man with a Pastor/Shepherd heart, for Vision Church Westport. Apparently there a shortage of Pastors.

George says,

My son has an operation today. May God bless him with good successful completion and speedy healing. May God strengthen him in times of pain and suffering.

maryanne says,

my daughter has obeyed god and turned away a husband for my daughter who is 43, has brought up her son and remained faithful to god, her son is 21 now and she asks god for a godly husband,

Vaa says,

Thank you for reaching out. Please i need a prayer for our financial hardships we are facing. Too much debts is the root of our struggles. I believe in Jesus name he will hear our prayers Thank you

Gina says,

Please pray for a friend who is in a dire financial situation. Please pray that she finds a job so that she can support herself and her son, and that she finds the strength to cope with the situation.

Kerry says,

Please pray for Bruno having treatment at Starship today a brave little boy with cystic fibrosis

Michelle says,

Please uplift my husband of 48 years as he has a counselling appointment midday 19th. Please heal me Lord of this diagnosis & help my pain & heartache. I place myself in Your Hands

Alicia says,

Please give my husband and his workmates and families peace. They are facing job loss. Thanks

Margaret. says,

For the lord to open Tony’s eyes and his heart to receive the Grace and salvation that Jesus Christ offers him through repentance and faith in Him.

Ian says,

Thank you for this opportunity. Please pray that my affordable community housing development will succeed and help many people.

Bryan & Michell says,

Appreciate prayer for full healing physical & emotional healing after a sudden admission to A&E yesterday. Thank you

Keri says,

Please pray for Tawhiri young boy from my school who needs intervention now for his home life someone to look after him and love him. He is in n out of cyfs care

Robin says,

Lord, be real to me, change me, help me help myself, help me endure. Let me experience your love, let me be able to make decisions, let me be courageous. Take my despair and make it faith and hope.

Lyn says,

My grandson tried to take his own life two weeks ago. As a child he accepted he Lord Jesus but it seems that all his recent learning has turned his head. We are devasted.

Arnold says,

Please pray for my sick wife. May she will recover from her aches and pain. In Jesus name. Amen

Arnold says,

Good evening. Please pray for us as family.We have submitted our residency visa application at immigration New Zealand.Our papers are being assessed/ reviewed.We pray for our visa officer for approval

Michelle Bayley says,

Thank you Lord that You will keep me in better health & enable me to continue to serve You. I pray for the strength for the day both physically & emotionally . Amen

Barbara says,

Please pray for my 14 year old grand-daughter who seems to have lost her way. Pray for God’s special touch on her life and an understanding that she needs an education and that her family loves her.

Farah says,

Please pray for my husband health,and that he can work full time . Also we know what direction to go for living.

Anna says,

I am praying for my neighbors who do not believe in Jesus and I pray for harmony with them while respecting my personal boundaries. God bless you

Debi says,

Message received from an aunt. Afternoon Folks. It looks like there is a full scale civil war breaking out in Zimbabwe now & it is not looking good at all.

Nthabi says,

I pray for self-believe and believe in the power of God. Pray for me to overcome this demon of self doubt, which has been tormenting me in my career. I need a breakthrough Father

Nthabi says,

I pray for the Lord God Almighty to strengthen, guide, protect my son who will be doing his 1st year at university. He should trust you for wisdom and courage to face this new world.Thank u Jesus

Cars says,

Hi can you please pray for my daughters partner David who recently became a christian- got drunk and somehow ended up breaking both of his ankles and his shoulder. Hes in hospital atm. Thanks

Kirsty smith says,

I would like prayer for my brother james to start seeking God. Thank you.

Rosanne says,

I have a friend staying who has a huge problem with alcohol. Asking you Lord to please touch & help him to see that he has got a problem & then to help him see that you are the answer to all problems.

Mel says,

Pray for a special intention

ROBYN says,

prayer for my mum joyce who is in hospital hope she will be home soon love robyn

Josephine says,

For the Star team for health and safety. For my family , Family unity and healing especially my beloved daughter that we can all communicate lovingly again..

Anonymous says,

Please pray for broken relationships in our family to be restored, renewed and strengthened. Thank you so much