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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Debi says,

Message received from an aunt. Afternoon Folks. It looks like there is a full scale civil war breaking out in Zimbabwe now & it is not looking good at all.

Nthabi says,

I pray for self-believe and believe in the power of God. Pray for me to overcome this demon of self doubt, which has been tormenting me in my career. I need a breakthrough Father

Nthabi says,

I pray for the Lord God Almighty to strengthen, guide, protect my son who will be doing his 1st year at university. He should trust you for wisdom and courage to face this new world.Thank u Jesus

Cars says,

Hi can you please pray for my daughters partner David who recently became a christian- got drunk and somehow ended up breaking both of his ankles and his shoulder. Hes in hospital atm. Thanks

Kirsty smith says,

I would like prayer for my brother james to start seeking God. Thank you.

Rosanne says,

I have a friend staying who has a huge problem with alcohol. Asking you Lord to please touch & help him to see that he has got a problem & then to help him see that you are the answer to all problems.

Mel says,

Pray for a special intention

ROBYN says,

prayer for my mum joyce who is in hospital hope she will be home soon love robyn

Josephine says,

For the Star team for health and safety. For my family , Family unity and healing especially my beloved daughter that we can all communicate lovingly again..

Anonymous says,

Please pray for broken relationships in our family to be restored, renewed and strengthened. Thank you so much

Anonymous says,

Please pray for my elderly friend who suffers from severe depression. I also need prayer for wisdom to know how to deal with this. Thank you so much.

Anonymous says,

Please God, help my two sons find suitable spouses who believe in Your Word follow in Your Ways. Thank you for your blessings, Lord.

Robert says,

I pray for Nigel, Lord for his recovery from cancer

Enelra says,

Lord in your mercy I ask for healing in my relationship with my husband. That our marriage of 25 years will be renewed and covered by your precious blood. And that my husband is able to forgive

Melanie says,

Pray for my daughter and son for fulltime employment, I claim this for them in the name of Jesus. Also that they meet someone and marry. Pray for their health will improve.

Anonymous says,

My husband is struggling with hayfever/cold symptoms and nothing is easing it after countless medications and doctors visits. PLEASE lord heal him supernaturally FOREVER>

P says,

O dear Lord Jesus please reach out for a young woman in the Waikato who needs you in her life. Send someone to pray and talk to her about Salvation and eternal life with our Father God in heaven.

Cathy Mann says,

Please join us in praying 4 sweet times with families coming together this season For grace & light during heavy times For Stew & Bernadette to know Your power over disease danger disaster death

Arnold says,

Please pray for our residency Visa here in New Zealand. We learned a lot from your country and we love staying here permanenty. Here we learned to trust in God for whatever situation we may be.

Meki says,

Father, I thank you for everything you have done & continue to do in my life. I pray that you protect my family & restore my relationship with Loma - in your time! I love you so much Father . Amen!

Linda S says,

Prayer request for a woman in ICU, Auckland, post-op. In a coma after cardiac complications discovered during surgery. Thank you

Maureen Van Rooy says,

I pray that God will provide me the perfect job for me in the New Year.

Ann Papalii says,

I am humbly asking to please pray for me. I am in a financial crisis and I believe in the power of prayers.

Cathy Mann says,

I pray for the very ill those receiving palliative care to finish well, that they mend relationships, heal hurts,accept one another & forgive to shine ever bright In Christ

Shirley says,

Heavenly Father I have read through quite a few of these prayers. Lord whatever the situations these people are in they are all reaching out for your covering. Lord cover them with your love

Jill says,

Hi there, Please pray for a friend of mine who has been battling severe mental illness and self harm for years. She has been miles better lately. She is getting baptised but is under spiritual attack

Ross says,

Please pray for healing for our daughter Deanne, in hospital with a seriously shattered leg.

Jessica Niemack says,

Thank you for inteceeding for my family and I. I am packing my suitcases in faith as my mum is not well overseas. Please pray for our overdue bills to be paid through Gods rich avenues. For Salvation

Cynthia says,

My dear friend of 45 years has got liver cancer. She is part of our dancing group and is very precious to all of us. Her prognosis is not good and its devastated her many friends. Prayer for no pain.

andrew says,

please pray for me and my mum and for mum to be healed

Cathy Mann says,

Urgent prayer for our parliament please for wisdom dealing with euthanasia, abortion, cannabis reform that our nation would hold fast to God. Thankyou

Cathy says,

Please pray for healing of right knee that currently will not bend & diminished mobility also that bad cold will be gone

Teresa says,

Healing Prayer for my son for addiction in video gaming and the gift of the Holy Spirit to discern Gods plan in his life & the wisdom & discipline to pursue Gods will.

JC says,

Please pray for me and my husband as we are having trouble in our marriage. There is so much tension in the family.

Frances says,

Needing prayer to get me through this week as I pack up everything ahead of moving on Saturday. Have put out a call for help with packing. Thanks

Anonymous says,

Please pray for my daughter who is going for a job interview today. Pray that everything works out well in her favour.

Lynne Davescovich-Butcher says,

My Mum,Val has dementia & is now in care. Please pray that she will settle in,make friends & be happy;legal issues to go ok; & guidance for my decision to sell my house & where God needs me to be. Thx

Norma says,

Have an offer on my unit please pray that the sale goes through without any hiccups thanks

Delicia says,

Pls pray for my cousin, Barbie, who is having breast surgery today for breast cancer. She is not a believer and I have been praying for her for years.

R says,

For breakthroughs in financial area and work

R says,

Prayer for a financial turn around and for employment Breakthroughs

Catherine Tagalo says,

Please pray for our whanau as we continue to work with whanau who dont know Jesus. A covering for Lawrence and I and our 6 children and all that God is calling us to do.

Linda says,

Hi family could I please ask for prayer in healing from my last relationship and childhood trauma and that I may come out stronger happier and more in love with myself and knowing my self worth thanku

PLS says,

Please pray the truth about a very abusive, controlling and nasty man Stephen,W and his equally controlling parents becomes obvious to everyone. Pray the women he has hurt, sexually, physically, psychologically, emotionally, physically and in so many

Jonathan says,

Please pray parliament will not legalise abortion and that this nation will turn back to God with all their hearts

Shirley says,

Please pray for me and my husband as we are at the start of our marriage we need prayers and uplifting and to pray for a child from God , and our family, God will make a way and open closed doors.

Catherine says,

I am a well balanced person at 59 yrs old never married. No children and I really want God to help me have a social life .. I get quite lonely please pray for me xx

Sarah says,

Please pray for me as my left knee infeced after I fell of my scooter 2 weeks ago please pray for fast healing Sarah King Southland

Rowan says,

Please pray for my children to return to the Lord, pray for their wife and fiance to come to know Jesus also

Mel says,

I have mental health issues and I cant control my anger. Please pray to God to heal me.