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If you would like someone to directly pray with you or for you, contact the NZ Christian Prayerline on 0800 508 080.

Lynne says,

I pray for my Mum Val. She has dementia and is a care home. I am concerned about her safety due to another resident. I pray for her health & safety and that she will be moved closer to where I am. Thx

Geoffrey says,

I am trusting the Lord for a very big miracle to heal my osteoarthritis and other health issues. Thank you so much!

Anusha says,

He is a permanent residence needs help suffers with depression he is in Springhill Corrections Facility

Anusha says,

I need prayer for my son Brandon.Got into trouble with the law,facing deportation and a prison sentence.He has 3children born her in NZ,and pray for is partner Kayla she is a meth user so is he.Thanks

Mark partridge says,

Pray for healing for my grandson greyson partridge at 4years has been battling cancer since he was 18 months.

J. Kim says,

Dear, for the peace and health in life, for the tranquil and love in circumstances, for understanding and endurance in habitance for thine will come through Amen.

Anders Valeur says,

Dear God, dear Jesus, thank you respecting me!! Thank you Jesus for removing obstacles in my way!! Thank you Jesus for following my passions!! Thank you Jesus for giving my strength to keep going!!

YZMIF says,

Please pray for my Husband and Son, both of whom are not fellow shipping/ going to church. Pray that their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, gets back on track.

Sheri Sines says,

Please pray for wisdom, guidance, discernment and protection for Missy. She is 18 and is around a lot of bad influences. Please pray that she stays close to God. Thank you.

Jean-François Ch says,

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, - I would like to ask for prayers to find a job and pass a librarian competition this year. May the Lord help me to be as productive as possible, to have the best

Kathy says,

Friend has been under Mental Health and is now obsessed with someone who is a known abuser. Crisis team and police are helpless as she is over 18yrs and says she is happy. Please pray for her safety

Amanda says,

Please pray for my son who is suffering from severe depression. He was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago . Prayers needed for healing of their marriage. He and his wife have very young children. Thanks

Sue Collier says,

My husband, Barry, 82 has been unwell for many years. Last night he was admitted to a Renal Unit at Waikato Hospital. May we as a family have peace and the Medical team wisdom. May Gods will be done.

Lynne says,

My brother Chris is living in Aussi. His wife & daughter moved back a year ago. They have the house on the market over there now. I pray that he sells the house fast so he can move back soon.Thanks

jane says,

Please could you prayer for our friend Robin for healing from severe depression

Mel says,

Pray for son - good health, his business will prosper and be at capacity, a loving supportive wife. Daughter bless with Good health, a loving supporting Christian husband. Both have children.

Norma says,

Thanks for answered prayers were on the move at last

Mary says,

My son is homeless in London. I have not been able to reach him in 2 weeks. It is cold and raining and I am praying for God’s love and protection over him. Please pray for his safety and shelter,

Ruth Beames says,

Praise report; I placed a prayer here that I was homeless & needed a place. After being homeless for 5 months, Praise God He came thru for me & provided the accommodation I needed.


Currently half of all Uyghurs detained in concentration camp in Xinjiang Please concentrate more prayer on the pregnant,babies,handicapped,elders of Uyghurs,Chinese Christians,Tibetans,Falungons,谢谢

Jojo says,

Please pray for God to fix/mend my relationship with my Boss VP Robin, my Managing Director Boss Anthony, with Anita, Angela and the Big Boss Anthony Sr.,that God fixes all issues I have related to my job and that I will get my salary before Thanksgi

Mum says,

Prayer for strength to do what is right and pleasing and except able to the Lord

Selina says,

Please pray for Takanini and the church of Jesus Christ, thank you. Amen

Suzanne Varghese says,

Dear Team in Christ. This prayer request is Very urgent. Please pray for my sister Lini Varghese and my mother Mercy Varghese to be healed from their mental illness. Thank you Suzanne

Jean says,

Bless you. Can you pray for me re the Lord rescuing me from a horrific living place I am in. I am getting awful satanic attack and have been for a long time. I am a widow and pray night + day. Please

Margaret says,

Please pray for me to have confidence and strength and determination, as I wean off sleeping pills. Have been on them thirty years.

Sue says,

Please pray for Jen. She is a quadriplegic. (Caused by MS) Tomorrow she has to have an op. Pray for peace and that the medical problem she has will be dealt with, without too much stress to her.

Keith says,

please pray, God willing, that I can return to NZ from the UK, to serve Him.

Matt says,

Medication causing high & low blood pressure. Needs to stabilise.

Claire says,

I need a teaching job for next year. Thanks

Elspeth lewis says,

For BillieMarg.. Total healing for the rest of her life from mental anguish and torment please

Gina says,

My cousin, Paul, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and there is nothing doctors can do. He is not a believer. I pray that before he dies, God speaks to his heart & he accepts Jesus as his saviour

M says,

My son To have successful business and loving Christian wife, health restored. Daughter will marry a supportive Christian husband, healthy, both need financial back through.

Lynne Merrick says,

Urgent prayer for toddler Carson, had serious reaction to a measles booster shot. Blood transfusions being done because platelets keep dropping. Been transferred to Starship, Mother 8 months pregnant

Mary says,

Please pray for my sister that she receives the love of Jesus and learn to turn to him for all her needs Her name is Prestina

Mary says,

My Nephew needs prayer for his drug addiction and depression He now needs to go to a Rehab Jesus is the greatest healer

Anonymous says,

Please pray for my daughter and grandchildren, for protection from those who are working against God & enticing her away from Him. Pray for conversion of the friends, & protection for us from evil.

marie grace says,

Please pray for God to strongly protect our very lives at this time. we need urgent provision to have must have items repaired or replaced in this house. wisdom for decisions. Thank you Marie Grace

Estelle says,

Please pray for healing for my kidneys, I have been so very blessed The Lord has walked with me all these years.

Nina says,

Please pray for my daughter who has turned against me. She has MS and has told me that I cause her and her family stress and she doesn’t want me around them.

Jonathan Rumens says,

My mother like friend struggles with degeneration in her back bones. She often is in a lot of pain. She needs a miracle from our mighty loving heavenly father. Thankyou.

Jonathan Rumens says,

Pray for revival in NZ. For godly government, for wisdom for our leaders, a conviction of sin and the free love of Christ to be poured out on all people, to reduce suicide, crime, family breakdown.

Ann says,

calling our prayer warriors please, in need of a financial breakthrough right now! Please pray for us. Thank you

Sue says,

Please prayer for Dawn who once attended church but because of discouragement has stopped going. Recently changes in her life have caused her to do uncharacteristic things.

A mother says,

Please pray for my son Sean who is battling meths (p) and dark thoughts of harming himself.. He gave his heart to God when he was a littke boy but has chosen wrong paths.. Thank you, Blessings His mum

nathan beaven says,

Roslyn marshall ex flatmate and hohepa Canterbury resident to meet her maker and pass away before families weekend says,

Pray for Nandita, a social worker in India blessing impoverished children. Pray for the health and wellbeing of Nandita who recently underwent a pacemaker operation but requires ongoing treatment.

JZESQ says,

Pease. Pray for me as. Feeling overwhelmed and useless at the moment lots of health issues after surviving cancer 3 times but mostly I cope however today not. So well

nathan beaven says,

leajade ewen and I to get back together again as boyfriend and girlfriend

Alicia says,

Could you please pray for my children who are unwell with the flu thankyou for your prayers