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The Case for Christ

Lee Strobel talked with Luke about his story as a journalist that was the begining of The Case For Christ.


Bringing the Gospel to Nth Korea

Matt Perry from FEBC talks with John about bringing the gospel message to North Kore through radio.


Lindy Chamberlain

Lindy Chamberlain chats with John about her life since that day 37 years ago when her daughter Azaria was killed by a dingo on a family camping trip at Ayers Rock.

She was tried for murder and spent more than three years in prison. She was released when a piece of Azaria's clothing was found near a dingo lair, and new inquests were opened. In 2012, 32 years after Azaria's death, the Chamberlains' version of events was officially confirmed by a coroner.

Part one

Part two

Part three


Barber to the Homeless

Peleti Oli discovered the art of barbering in the Hastings Boys' High School changing rooms and now he is using it to motivate and inspire others. With his wireless clippers in one hand and stripey cape in the other he drives the streets of Hastings, offering to cut the hair of the homeless, John caught up with him earlier.

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